Naked Housework: Good clean fun??

I appreciate that doing the housework in the buff isn’t a new concept but for me, has always held mysteries about the kind of person who would do such a thing.  At first I had the notion that people who took off their clothes to clean had to be raging nymphomaniacs that will use any excuse for a bit of nookie.  I then had the idea that it was something sensual that beautiful people partook in to explore a whole new side of their sexuality.  My own thoughts and fantasy lay somewhere in the middle.

The first time I learnt about naked cleaning was an article I read, as a young hormonal boy, about Anneka Rice.  Anneka, then star of reality tv shows such as Channel 4’s Treasure Hunt and later Challenge Anneka for the BBC, was in 1984 voted the coveted ‘Rear of the Year’ award and as a young boy I had many a fantasy of what it would be like to observe Anneka carrying out her daily chores whilst naked.  For this reason, whenever I have thought about the idea of doing housework in the nude it has always had a sexual theme involved and as a young adult I was never confident enough to approach my partners to involve them to make my fantasies a reality.   

Fast forward twenty-seven years from first reading about a TV personality doing naked chores and a long running fantasy that never left a 12-year-old testosterone filled boy I have found myself bored enough to close all the windows and curtains, make sure that both front and back doors are locked before stripping off my clothes and creeping downstairs, where only the dog watches on, and reaching for the vacuum cleaner.

At the first the excitement was a little exhilarating but as I got into my stride and removed the sofa covers for washing I was not really aware that I was naked at all and I was all consumed by the long list of tasks to be carried out before the rest of the household returned from wherever it was they go to during the day.

Whilst, at first, it was liberating for a nearly 40-year-old to parade around his own house in the buff I have been left empty and my fantasy will never be the same.  Ok what I have done today is not exactly what I have dreamt about all these years but I cannot help feel that I would no longer, if I would have been in the first place, be able to be aroused at the thought of my partner doing the laundry while we played some kind of adult game to keep the spice in our love life. 

What it did do though was to allow me to carry out my chores quickly to prevent any part of my body getting cold or work up a considerable sweat.  So perhaps cleaning the house with all your bits on show, during the summer, is a way of keeping cool whilst carrying out arduous tasks such as polishing the woodwork.


About leejohnston1

A mature student currently on the Combined Honours studying History, Business and English Language at UCLan. My current interests include finding new bands and music, going to gigs and concerts and The Beautiful Lake & Peak Districts
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